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Applications are invited for the post of Asst. Prof. for B. Voc. courses.

About BVoc Degree Programmes

The University Grants Commission (UGC) had launched a scheme for skills development based higher education as part of college/university education, leading to Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc) degree with multiple entry and exit points. The B.Voc program is focused on providing undergraduate studies which would also incorporate specific job roles along with broad based general education. This would enable the graduates completing B.Voc to make a meaningful participation in accelerating India’s economy by gaining appropriate employment, becoming entrepreneurs and creating appropriate knowledge. The duration of the B. Voc courses will be six semesters in three Academic Sessions. At the end of each Semester, the candidates shall be required to present themselves for examination. The student who completes first semester successfully and is opting out from further education in B.Voc program, will be conferred Certificate in respective subject/trade. The student who completes first year i.e. first two semesters successfully and is opting out from further education in B.Voc program, will be conferred Diploma in respective subject/trade. Similarly, the student who completes first two years i.e. four semesters successfully and is opting out from further education will be conferred Advanced Diploma. The degree of B.Voc shall be conferred on the candidate who pursues the prescribed course of study for six semesters. The B. Voc degree is equivalent to BA/B.Sc degree for higher studies and employment.


The successful completion of all the courses with ‘D’ grade shall be the minimum requirement for the award of the degree. The certification levels will lead to Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma/BVoc Degree in one or more vocational areas and will be offered under the aegis of the University. This is outlined in following table.
Award DurationCourse Duration Corresponding NSQF level
Certificate6 MonthsOne semester4
Diploma1 YearTwo semester5
Advanced Diploma 2 YearsThree semester6
B.Voc Degree3 YearsFour semester7

NSQF Guidelines for B. Voc. courses     UGC Sanction Letter


  • BVoc in Banking and Financial Services
  • BVoc in Geoinformatics for Rural Resource Mapping
  • BVoc in Sustainable Agriculture
  • BVoc in Applied Chemistry