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Department Information

Department of Economics has been established with the beginning of the college in 1972. Presently, the college offers Three Year Integrated Bachelor of Arts program with Economics as specialization.

The department regularly organizes various activities like Study Tours, Student Seminars, Guest Lectures, etc. for the students.

The faculty members of the department are active in research. Two faculty have completed M.Phil. degree and they are pursuing Ph.D. All have completed minor research projects with financial assistance of UGC / the University of Mumbai. The research problems taken up are related to the local issues.

Faculty Details

Name: Dr. Rahul V. Thoke
Designation: Head and Assistant Professor
Qualification:M.A. SET PhD
Experience:12 Year/s
Area of Expertise:Migration & public finance
Curriculum Vitae
Name: Mr. Mandar W. Jakhi
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification:M.A. M.Phil. SET
Experience:10 Year/s
Area of Expertise:
Curriculum Vitae

Course Learning Outcomes



Faculty members of the department are active in research. Two members of the faculty have completed M.Phil. degree. Two members are working for Ph.D. degree.

No. Name Research Degree Area of Research
1. Shri. Sanjay V. Takalkar M.Phil. Agriculture and Rural Economics
2. Shri. Rahul. V. Thoke -- Migration
3. Shri. Mandar W. Jakhi M.Phil. Public Finance

All the three faculty members have completed Minor Research Projects with financial support of UGC / University of Mumbai. New project proposals have also been submitted to the funding agencies for approval. The research problems are focussed towards the issues related to Sangmeshwar Tehsil and Ratnagiri District.

Faculty Research Projects:

Duration Faculty Project Title Funding Agency Grant in Rs.
2009-11 Shri. Rahul. V. Thoke Unemployment and out migration from Ratnagiri District UGC 90,000/-
2010-12 Shri. Sanjay V. Takalkar Problem and Prospectus of Marketing & sale of Mahila Bachat Gat: A Case study of Ratnagiri District (Maharashtra) UGC 18,000/-
2011-13 Shri. Mandar W. Jakhi Study of the variation of wages in informal sector - A case of Sangmeshwar Tehsil University of Mumbai 45,000/-
2011-13 Shri. Rahul. V. Thoke Socio-Economic conditions of migrated workers in construction - A study of Ratnagiri district University of Mumbai 45,000/-
2019-20 Shri. Rahul. V. Thoke Analysis of performance of fish processing units in Maharashtra (Ongoing) University of Mumbai 20,000/-
Total 2,03,000/-

Conference / Workshop / Seminar Organized

Seminar/Workshops Organized:

No. Title Level Funded by Date
1. Two Days Seminar on Economics of Marathi Cinema State UGC 14th & 15th February, 2014