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Department Information

The Department of Life Long Learning Extension University of Mumbai was established in 1978 to promote a meaningful and sustained rapport between formal education and community. Our college is associated with the Department of Life Long Learning Extension University of Mumbai from the Academic year 2008-09. Students enrolled in this department are motivated to take up the projects which give them the exposure to world outside four walls.
There are 6 types of extension work projects are being offered by the college to enrolled students.

  • Career Projects [CP]
  • Industry Orientation Projects [IOP]
  • Annapurna Yojna [AY]
  • Population Education Club [PEC]
  • Survey of Women's Status[SWS]
  • National Institute of Open Schooling [NIOS]


  • Training program for project work.
  • Lectures by experts.
  • On the job training for IOP students.
  • Surveys on social issues.
  • Carrier guidance.
  • Street plays on social and environment issues.
  • Poster presentaions on various issues.

Academic year 2017-18

During present Academic year 204 students are enrolled for DLLE. Apart from them 100 students enrolled for SWS, 41 for PEC, 53 for CP, 10 for IOP. IOP students are placed for 150 hours on the job training at diversified established settings. CP students are following varoius careers of their liking. PEC students are studying the various social and environmental issues as per their interest. SWS students are engaged in survey of women's status in society arround. At the beginig of this academic year project wise training programs were organized for these students. All the students will prepare a project report on their work at the end of academic year.

UDAAN Achievements:

The University Department organizes "UDAAN MAHOTSAV" to showcase the talent of DLLE students. Our college has bagged supreme ranks in this event every year.


UDAAN 2016