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About Internal Complaint Committee

The Internal Complaints Committee of ASP College was constituted according to the University Grants Commission Regulations, 2015.

Agenda - The agenda of the Internal Complaints Committee is to create a safe, friendly, supportive environment for women staff and students of the college. The I.C.C. fulfils its purpose by organizing programmes for staff and students on topics like gender sensitization and handling complaints of sexual harassment from staff and students. The names of the Committee Members and their mobile numbers have been displayed in the college.

This Committee functions with an aim to prevent sexual harassment, promote well-being of all the female students and staff members and create a gender sensitized community within campus as well as in the society.

According to the Supreme Court of India, the following constitutes sexual harassment:
1.Physical contact and advances
2.A demand or request for sexual favours
3.Sexually coloured remarks
4.Showing pornography
5.Any other unwelcome physical, verbal, or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.

Committee and Other Details

Internal complaints Committee
Prof. Snehlata Pujari (Convener/Presiding Officer) Ph.No. 9404332050

Faculty members:
Dr. Varsha Phatak
Dr. Meera Kale
Dr. M.H. Magdum
Dr. Pratap Naikwade
Two non-teaching employees:
Mrs. Meeta Bhagwat
Mr. Amit Kulkarni