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The Aabasaheb and Kamalabai Sardeshpande Library of Nyayadhish Tatyasaheb Athalye Arts, Vedmurti S. R. Sapre Commerce and Vidhidnya Dadasaheb Pitre Science College, Devrukh was established in the year 1972. An important objective of this library is to support various programmes of the college by providing easy access to physical and intellectual information, consistent with the present and anticipated educational/research functions.

The library consists of Reference Section, Reading Hall, and Stack-Room. The Library has an exceptional collection of text books, reference books, general books, journals, magazines, encyclopedia, dictionaries, handbooks, Manuals, bound volumes, CD-ROMs, Video Lectures, online resources and other reading material. Books are classified and arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) Scheme. N-List E-Resources from the INFLIBNET centre are also available from 2011. Library has six computers to enable students to access the Internet, Digital Library and the Institutional Repository.

Library Automation:

The library uses SOUL 2.0 software. Which is state-of-the-art integrated library management software designed and developed by the INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad. This software consists of modules of acquisitions, cataloguing circulation, serial control, administration, & OPAC. Library is having seating capacity of 75 students at a time with Online information retrieval facility through 6 terminals at a time and photocopy service.

Area of Library : 297.92 Sq. Meter Know More


  1. Botany Laboratory
    • Area : 113.60 Sq. Meter
  2. Chemistry Laboratory
    • Area : 85.68 Sq. Meter
  3. Computer Science Laboratory
    • Area : 113.60 Sq. Meter
  4. Geography Laboratory
    • Area : 49.72 Sq. Meter
  5. Physics Laboratory
    • Area : 113.60 Sq. Meter

Seminar Hall

  1. Seminar Hall
    • Area : 217.12 Sq. Meter

Modak Academy

  1. Modak Academy
    • Area : 400 Sq. Meter


  1. Gymkhana Indoor
    • Area : 153.72 Sq. Meter
      Hall : 30 M X 60 M Indoor Hall
    • Indoor Sports : Table Tennis, Carrom, Badminton, Gym facility etc available.
    • 8 Lane by 400 M Running Track
    • Vollyball Graound, Kabaddi & Kho-Kho Ground, Hockey Ground

Women's Hostel

  1. Women's Hostel
    • Capacity : 14
    • Kitchen
    • Rector room
    • Recreation Hall

Kala Dalan

S. K. Patil Research Centre

Shahid Smarak

Savarkar Aambedkar study centre

English Language Lab