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Research Project Reports

Summary of Reports -- Completed Funded Research Projects

Sr.No. Duration Faculty Project Title Funding Agency Amount in Rs. Summary
1. 2020-21 Mr. Sagar T Sakpal Heavy Metal Burden in Costal Marine Sediment and their bioaccumulation in some fish species of Ratnagiri Coast, Maharashtra UGC Click Here
1. 2010-12 Mr. Sanjay V. Takalkar Problem and Prospectus of Marketing & sale of Mahila Bachat Gat: A Case study of Ratnagiri District (Maharashtra) UGC 18,000/- Click Here
2. 2010-12 Mr. Arvind M. Kulkarni Assessment of HRD policies and practices in fish processing industry in Ratnagiri district: A case study of the Gadre Marine Exports. UGC 55,000/- Click Here
3. 2009-12 Dr. Sardar A. Patil Environmental Degradation and Environmental Conservation in Sangmeshwar tehsil with special reference to Devrukh: A Geographical Perspective UGC 1,05,000/- Click Here